Sunday, September 26, 2010

Letting Go

I find that when I search my soul for the things that weigh me down and bring heaviness into my life, they are the things I'm inevitably holding onto myself.  I may not know why they are there or how they came to be, but still I'm clinging to them as if they are some sort of treasure, holding tight when all I really want is to let go.

I have a great gift available to me, and that is the ability to see the very best and truest nature of another soul.  Even when there is darkness and confusion clouding over the light, I can focus in such a way as to be able to see the pure potential that lies beneath. 

What I so often can't see is the very same thing in myself.  I cannot see with the same perspective and clarity, I cannot see with such razor sharp precision or with nearly the certainty that others appear to me.

And so I drag around the habits and fears and concerns that don't need their home in me, confusing what has value with what does not, what has meaning with what has memory, what I've acquired with what is truly mine.

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Wanderlust said...

I think we often see ourselves with the least clarity. Perhaps those old habits we hold to so tightly distort our ability to see ourselves without bias. Which is why we need people like you. To hold up a mirror of our unqualified potential.