Sunday, June 26, 2011

If He Loved Me, I Wouldn't Have to Tell Him...

Women have such a naive fantasy that if someone loves us, truly cares about us, that they will understand us and anticipate our needs, wants and requirements. I have been guilty of this again and again myself.

And it is pretty much never the case.  Because what it means to understand me, really understand me, means to connect with me emotionally, intimately and personally, and also spiritually.  And this is a place that not very many men, not very many people, can join me. 

There are some.  I'm not a special prophet or something.  But I have a particular love for and receptivity to G*d, and no human relationship trumps that.  And that's not something your average guy is going to get, no matter how much they like me.

I get it now.  And I'm ok with that.  I just had to understand it.  Because people can confuse what they like about me spiritually with how they feel about me personally, and it can confuse me too.  So a little clarity is a very good thing.

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