Thursday, July 5, 2007

Full Moon

I love looking at the full moon, its light spilling out with the promise of an unending cycle of life. The hope of regeneration in the midst of the rubble of destruction, the moon reminding me that fullness always returns.

And I love especially that it reminds me of the sun. The moon's glow exists as a reflection of the sun, the cool nighttime mirror to the hot intensity that burns during the day.

My favorite gem is moonstone, named that because it has an inner luminosity like the moon itself, a glowing reflection of the light around it. Sitting in a puddle of moon light, walking through the path it shines on our planet, comforted by the same adularescense that has graced our planet eternally, is pure joy.

I must go back to India sometime, to sit on the top of the mountain and be close to the moon.

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