Monday, March 31, 2008

Something New

I've always been clairvoyant, which is simply that I can see what's invisible. And the kind of vision I have to see the invisible is insight. I don't have foresight or hindsight. I can't tell the future or figure out the hidden past.

But with an invitation and agreement from another, I can peer deep, deep within the soul, into the realm of pure spiritual potential. I can see what is hidden from ordinary awareness, and provide a clear and undistorted reflection of that potential.

When I was young, the feelings and thoughts of others flooded my awareness, and I was too sensitive to know the difference between my reality and the emotions of others. It is only now, after more than 23 years of practicing Raja Yoga that I've learned how to use that sensitivity to help people.

I have always wanted to make things better, to be someone who helped where help was needed. And the feedback I've received for years now, is that the Divine insight that comes through me awakens the soul to its most pure, powerful and essenceful nature, freeing hidden potential and focusing energy.

Imagine peering into a mirror that reflects back beauty, virtue, talents, abilities, qualities, gifts, and opportunities. Imagine how energized and comforted and uplifted and affirmed you feel seeing yourself in a new and more clear light. This is the gift of insight.

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