Sunday, June 15, 2008


The ancient representation of the Shiv Shakti is the combining of divine male and female energy, pure spirit made into physical matter, G*d brought to earth. And this image is powerful in that the most elevated human life is pure spirit - soul - brought into the human dimension.

The shakti, female energy, womanly energy, is the fulfillment of bringing the totality of creative energy into the physical body. The ability to create life is the most elemental and biological representation of feminine power, but only one of the ways it shows up in life.

Being a truth teller, a carrier of ancient wisdom, a holder of integrity and uncompromising values is to be a shiv shakti. Living fully into every relationship, every opportunity, every challenge is to be a shiv shakti.

Ordinary human beings are defined by their weaknesses, their fears, their limitations and their frustrations. A shiv shakti, the human incarnation of divinity, defines herself by strength, humility, grace, and by becoming a channel for divine energy to manifest itself on earth.

It's not a small undertaking, and you can't do it just part-time. You can't do it just half-way or just a little. You make a deal with the divine, and you never leave it behind. You can't go back to ordinary awareness or pretend you don't know what you know.

And you're supposed to be different because of it. You're supposed to be a different person and live a different life. And it's by being true to all of this that G*d's power becomes your power and your life then runs on magic.

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