Monday, January 18, 2010

So Much To Learn

I think the most complicated part of contemporary life is that there is just so much to learn. 

You have to learn how to use your computer, learn to drive, learn to use all the electronic devices that run your home/work/life, learn how to eat right, how to exercise right, what insurance you need, how to invest, what to wear, how to put on make-up, what to buy, when to buy it, from who to buy it for the best price, how to program the electronic devices that run your home/work/life, what medicines to take, what medicines to avoid, what to do if you have to mix medicines, what to ask, what you know that you don't know, who to support, who to vote for, which charity you can trust, what bank is safe, what's a good password to use, how to remember your good password without compromising your on-line security, how to use social networking sites, how to protect your identity in cyber-space, how to meet-up, how to hook-up, how to take it to the next level, how to end it, how to RSVP, how to handle an awkward situation, how to handle in-laws, how to handle a boss, how to write a resume, how to interview, how to negotiate a salary, how to negotiate a parking space, how to divine your purpose in life, what positive thinking makes a difference, what positive thinking is pure bullshit, when to change your oil, the right tire pressure is for your car, how to TiVo your favorite show, how to buy and eat organic.

I'm guessing as you read this you're thinking of all the things you need to learn/know/do just to get through it all yourself.

I know that body odor, lice, rotten teeth and no safe place to save money were real and serious problems for peasants in the 1600s, but sometimes I think the simplicity of such a life was worth the trade off.

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kbxmas said...

OMG. I love it. And look. I'm commenting on your post. Remember when you used to comment on my posts? When you didn't have to think how to do that? You just did it? Sigh...