Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Wow - I Really Believed This!

Love hurts. Wow - I really believed this for the longest time. The lyrics below are from an old song, which I very much liked, and I thought they were true. That love and pain and need and disappointment were indistinguishable from each other. And there was plenty around me to reinforce that notion, including my own crippled experiences of what love could be.

But the words don't work for me anymore. I'm not lost in the throes of romantic love, looking to have every need of my heart met by another. The love I know these days heals and uplifts and energizes and empowers and brings all kinds of joy and meaning and contentment.

It is without condition, restriction or limits. It requires honesty and communication and regard, and it demands that everyone's dignity be sustained. It enhances respect and esteem, for myself and others, and it just feels good and right and fun. It's an easy laugh, companionable silence, feelings communicated without words, and an open and curious heart.

I still like this song, but I'll never hear it the same way again...

Love Hurts

Love hurts,
love scars,
Love wounds,
and marks,
Any heart,
not tough,
Or strong enough

To take a lot of pain,
Take a lot of pain
Love is like a cloud
Holds a lot of rain
Love hurts,
ooh ooh love hurts

I'm young,
I know,
But even soI know a thing,
or twoI learned,
from youI really learned a lot,

Really learned a lot
Love is like a flame
It burns you when its hot
Love hurts,
ooh ooh love hurts

Some fools think of happiness
Some fools fool themselves
I guess

They're not foolin me
I know it isnt true,
I know it isnt true
Love is just a lie,
Made to make you blue
Love hurts,
ooh,ooh love hurts
Ooh,ooh love hurts....

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