Friday, October 27, 2006

I Kept Thinking...

I kept thinking that this feeling was supposed to point me toward something important about you. Or maybe something important about 'us'. Seems it was actually trying to get me to pay attention to something important about me.

I couldn't see it though. It was a fuzzy place in my vision, clouding things over and I couldn't see through it. I, who am normally so clear-sighted, so far-sighted, so guided by in-sight, couldn't see the obvious thing in front of me. Maybe it was visible to you? Maybe everyone else could see it? But it's been completely invisible to me 'till just now.

So yeah - you were right. This stuff is really all about me. But even knowing that logically, even when it should be completely obvious, I have been unable to see the obvious. The thing that made this visible now - finally - was my own vision of myself changing. So now all sorts of things are coming into focus. All sorts of things are coming into view.
And even so, you continue to be such a powerful mirror....

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