Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Destination or Foundation

I have thought of my spirituality in some ways as a destination - part of the direction in which I'm heading. But I can more clearly see that it's really the foundation of everything...the thing on which everything is built. A spiritual perspective, that is, one which says there's more to reality than meets the eye, is the the cornerstone of bulding a better quality life...not up in the clouds somewhere, but here on earth, in day-to-day life, in the most ordinary ways, with the most ordinary people.

It's not simply about being a spiritually defined person. It's about connecting with the absolute root of the qualities I want my life infused with. It's about tapping into the source for the sake of elevating the experience of human life. I'm not looking to escape from this human experience now. I had been...have been...tried so hard to. But now I'm looking to return to it fully and completely and with my whole heart.

I just want to bring this other stuff into it. I thought it was a choice - one or the other, and I've been trying to balance being human with being spiritual. But it's not about balance (which is a startling admission from a Libra!). It's about integration. I can see I don't need to choose - I need to bring it all together inside of me, and see what shapes up in the mix.

It's about making absolutely everything better....every moment of experience, every relationship, every interchange and exchange and connection. I can see now...if you try to spiritualize experience without bringing it fully into the human realm then you really have confused the foundation with the destination.

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