Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I Found Jesus

I am the Office Manager at the corporate headquarters of a national company. We have about 100 people working here, and part of my job is just to pay attention to what's going on and making sure it's running smoothly. So, when I stop in the kitchen for coffee or water, I typically look around and make sure the supplies are stocked, etc.

So, I'm looking around, and notice something high above me on the top corner of one of the kitchen cabinets. And I get on my toes to look closer, and it's a little tiny plastic figuring of Jesus, perched atop the cabinet, looking down over the kitchen!!!! Here's a picture of him in all his plastic glory.

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We have a really diverse office of many nationalities and religions, so religious iconography of any kind is out. I couldn't reach up to touch Jesus (as is the case for so many...), so I asked the tallest guy in our office. He is muslim, and refused on the grounds that he didn't really want to mess with a god, even one he doesn't believe in. No one wanted to mess with plastic Jesus. He's only about 4" tall (about 10cm), but apparently wields a lot of power, even in cheap plastic.

Anyway, I got Jesus down finally, and have been puzzled ever since by who put him there in the first place. I'm guessing it was someone on the cleaning staff, but just don't know. I was going to send a company-wide e-mail letting everyone know that I found Jesus in the lunchroom, and if they were looking for him, to contact me. I thought some folks might misunderstand though, and that I'd be inundated with invitations to bible studies and church, so I left it alone.

Now he's sitting on top of my radio at my desk, blessing paperwork. No one has ever asked me about him - either why he's at my desk, or that he's missing from the lunchroom.

But I guess it's true - you never know where or when you're going to find Jesus. He appears in the most ordinary places, in the most myserious ways, and sometimes all you can do is leave him on your radio and wonder.

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