Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Story Telling

Our lives are the stories we tell of it. What we remember and forget, what stands out and what fades away. In the story of my life these days there are just a very few things that stand out in relief against a dreary backdrop of all the things that are invisible to me. There's a lot of sorting out and puzzling through the secrets of the heart.

And sometimes it feels complicated. But I think it's actually a lot more simple than it's appearing. This isn't about saying "no" to anything. It's not about rejection. It's not about stepping back. It's about stepping up finally - stepping forward with confidence and clarity and the absolute love and acceptance that is required for my life to reflect the very best that resides deep within.

There is just this unlimited beauty and love and connectedness waiting for expression, and if I don't make a way for it, it will stay hidden and wasted. And I know that. It's true that a new foundation is being built to support this newer way of being. But there's so much good stuff there already too, and I don't want to discard the invaluable with the worthless. There's a purpose to all of this - a direction, an intention, a reason, a meaning.

I'm looking forward to hearing this story when I get enough perspective to be able to tell it!

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