Tuesday, March 6, 2007

The Amazing Invisible Woman

I have sought invisibility for so long that I almost believed its what I wanted. I have disappeared from so many people and so many situations, even while in the midst of them. Had I been a magician, my disappearing trick would have won rave reviews.

But I don’t want to be invisible; I spent most of that time waiting to be noticed anyhow. I want to be seen and heard and understood and known. And I want to offer the same confirmation of being to others.

What we seem to suffer from most in the Western world is a great invisibility of being. Others can see our cars, our houses, our spouses, our children, our clothes, our bodies, our professional qualifications, our diplomas, our resumes, our possessions, our failings, but don’t see the place of pure being.

Having that acknowledged, accepted and embraced, even once, changes everything. It’s the moment where hope turns into possibility, where experience turns into understanding, and where we come back alive again.

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