Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thank You, Australia

Thank you, Australia. Thank you for everything.

For the hot sunny days that warmed me in places I didn't know I had grown cold.

For the cool green grass to dig my toes into, absorbing and soothing my own chaotic energy.

For the woman who visited Osh Kosh, Wisconsin, and was so excited to meet someone who knew where that was.

For the shop owner who thought carrying a 'Banana Guard' was a good idea to help folks protect their...bananas.

For the sweet doggies I turned out not to be very allergic to at all.

For all the strangers I met who were cheery and friendly and curious and helpful and relaxed and didn't feel like strangers at all.

For the birds flying around that seem so exotic in their cages here, and are so free in nature there.

For so much space and not too many people to fill it up.

For the thunderstorms breaking the heat, placating the drought a little, and clearing the air.

For the train system that was so easy to navigate that I never got lost.

For being a world away and still feeling like home.

For your incredible generosity in letting me come and just sit and be and think and feel and not need anything much in return.

For the spectacular memento of my journey there that sits on my bookshelf here.

For the guys out on a 'buck's night' that made me feel like the most touristy of tourists ever.

For the amazing ripe fruit, so juicy and delicious.

For 'Kath & Kim'...noice!

For the friends I have and the friends I made.

For the endless and endlessly gorgeous coastline.

For all the yummy (vegetarian) food.

For so generously returning the part of myself that I left there last time and desperately needed back.

For the great coffee shops where you can just sit and be and no one minds at all.

For all the slang I'm still trying to learn (but will never use, I promise).

For summer when it's winter everywhere else.

For being exactly what I needed but wasn't sure I'd find.

Thank you, Australia. Thank you for everything.

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